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    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    parties, i love it. i am so tired but i had fun. i sleep late. my cousin, ella, isreally fun, too bad, she just left. 2008 was unbelievable, i can't believe that i hated it. oh well, gotta go . i'll write as soon as possible.

    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;

    Sunday, November 2, 2008

    It was a fun week , we were watching T.V and everything , and its so cool. I will somehow miss this week though, all the sleeping and the dVd's , whew , i hope this week will not end .

    Classes are almost here , well , its actually this Tuesday (November 4) , and i'm 50/50 excited 'cause this sembreak is boring and fun , You will know what i will mean .

    Today is Sunday (November 2) , and my uncle has a party in his house and that's why i said it is fun. My cousins are here , and the time today is quarter to one . I know i'm having some topics that are not understandable , but you will know what i really mean .
    You know what , we ate ice cream and it was so yummy 'cause , it was ..... make a good guess , its Cookies and cream !!! my favorite !! It was so yummy but we have to eat Toron first before we need to eat ice cream .

    You know what my teenage cousin wore ? she wore shorts , unbelievable right ? It was so cool , well it was my first time to see her wear shorts in public .

    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    well , its boring . It's only fun when we buy a dvd and we watch some movies . The best movie we bought was "a walk to remember" It's Shane West and Mandy Moore . I love the movie . It's about a girl and a boy . Well , too tired to explain. So , see yah .

    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    being here all alone is not good . I know everything will change when college will come , but can this pain stop ? It does not stop no matter how it already hurts . Blog , i have a new theory for my self only right now , so shut up and listen , ok ?
    "As i am taking each step seriously , people are now staring , waiting for me to burst up and jump to conclusions . As I am embarrased by what they are staring , I now realized that my life is a mess , i'm a nuisance in this world , and then , there came a question inside my head that I could not answer , what if I was never born , what would the world be ? , now as my theory revolves on me , i should think about it , and relaxe as my new answer comes and destroy"
    So , hows my speech ? Was it ok ? I never knew exactly that it would end like a standing ovation . Just kidding . Ok , now , as i search for an answer , I realize that I could never find it if i would not live the moment .


    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    this foundation day sucks , you know . Its boring . Not really that boring , but it was bad . You know why it was bad ? ok , because that September 8 , in the afternoon , I got handcuffed by HIM , and and I was so angry , a little happy . But , he was annoying , i did not know he was this talkative . So after that , I was so happy that I am free . So , tomorrow , September 9 . I was in school , to watch my brother and sister perform. But , somebody , went near me , a 3rd year , and saw bringing a handcuff and there was a hand , and the hand was HIS . I got so frustrated , it was our second time and it will be clear , i really wanted to cry because for God sake , he has a GIRL FRIEND and my gosh , i hate it when lovers break up . Because of me , they will break up . I'm not saying that what you are understanding right now , what i am saying right now is , that because i am handcuffed with him 3 times because somebody gave us a second round , they will break up . I hope what i am saying right now , will not come true .
    you know , somebody handcuffed me again with him , so , i thought , "again ?!" , and when i saw the one who handcuffed us was getting a string and getting the veil , i smacked at the nearest wall and said , "NO!!" and i really begged him to bail , because i don't have money anymore , I almost cried . I'm glad he paid for it . That;s all i will report . Thanks for reading .
    just wait . My friend said , he was trying hard to apologize to his girlfriend , i felt bad . sniff-sniff .

    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    oh my gosh ! its already foundation day and all the booths are waiting for our money and there is this booth that has a handcuff , marriage booth , and blind date . You know what happened ? Ok , you don't , so what happened was , i've got handcuff at HIM .That is so not cool . HE was KIND OF annoying , he asks questions like , "what section are you?" , it just feels weird . The best part is that , oops , i forgot sorry . Well , atleast I heard his voice , and you know he has a weird voice . Tell me about it . I just knew he already has a Girlfriend but I don't mind . Oh ! now i remember the best part , the best part is that , he is not an ENGLISH man , he talks in Bisaya . Its just so not cool . After we were free , i went to my friend and did not talk about it , and after that he pretends not to know me anymore because maybe he is SHY . I like it that way , its just cool . Bleh ! Now thats cool you know .

    I pity my friend , Jacq (its a SHE) , because she got caught in a hand cuff by her crush 2 times and somebody let her go to the marriage booth with her crush . And I think her crush is angry at her , because she is like annoying her , you know what i mean . I really pity her . Ok , times up . Got to go bye .


    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    this week was so week , because HE is always following me and my friends , whenever i go to main switch , HE will walk around every where . There is another case too , I was in my school , with my friends , of course , but i'm in the lobby and i'm talking with my cousin but i did not notice him pass by , they just said he passed by and watched us , so , i did not mind . It's ok for me , because at least i did not notice HIM . After a few seconds , i noticed HIM running to the stairs but did not pass us , there were two stairs actually . So , i what i did is , that , blog , i did not pay any attention to him again . :) . Then after a few moments I now saw HIM near the fountain talking to his friends , or girlfriend , i guess . Now i'm doubting that he is following us . After that , the grade 5 and 6 are having their General Rehearsal in the covered court , so we went there and guess what happen , HE was there with his friends beside us . Well , not really beside us but distant beside , i mean .

    There was also this once that we were having a practice in the mass and he is a non catholic but he needs to join . After that , my friends were talking about him , my friend said that he always looks at our side and you know , having a crush at him makes me feel kilig . Haha . Well , thats all for this week , thanks for reading


    d0n't judge a b0ok by its c0ver ;